Changing the Color ofa Stamped Walkway

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How can I change the color of a stamped slab after it has been poured? The customer was not happy with gray and now wants a reddish-brown color.



You can change the color of stamped work once it has been placed by applying different types of stains, tints, or dyes. The type of coloring method you use will depend on the look desired and amount of color changed needed. Here's a handy guide:

  • For minor color adjustment – Use an impregnating stain or diluted acid stain.
  • For medium color adjustment – Use a full-strength acid stain, dye, or tinted sealer.
  • For complete color change – Use an acrylic or solid-color stain.

When using any of these methods to change or adjust concrete color, be sure to profile the surface according to the product manufacturer's recommendations to ensure proper penetration and adhesion. In addition, the surface should be completely dry and the temperature above 50 F and below 90 F.

Finally, no matter what method you use, always prepare a small sample for pre-approval by the client.